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Ichi is a minor character of the serie. He is one of the 88 saints of Athena, and one of the 52 Bronze Saints. He is protected by the Wolf Constelation so he wears the Wolf Cloth.



During his childhood Ichi was one of the 100 orphans that got into the care of the Graude fundation, owned by Mitsumasa Kido. Unknown to the boy, Mitsumasa was actually his and the other 99 children's father. They trained their bodies to be able to become Saints of Athena. As it was time to travel to their training location to gain the clothes, he picked the ticket to Bomi County in Liberia. After 6 years he earned the Wolf Bronze Cloth.

Wolf nachi

Nachi with his constellation

Galaxian WarEdit

He returns to Japan to participate in the Galaxian War tournament. His first battle was against the Cygnus Saint, Hyoga. During the battle Ichi tried to poison him but his claws were frizened by the Cygnus Cloth. Then Hyoga deafeted the Hydra Saint whit his Diamond Dust. After his deafet Ichi asks Athena to let him go back to the Finland to train.

Other ApperienceEdit

He returned in the battle of the 12 houses to protect Athena. When Seiya reached The Saint of Geminis, Saga, Nachi sent his cosmo to the Pegasus Saint to help. It proved to some extent successful, and Seiya eventually was able to save Athena.

He has a brief seen in a battle against Syd of Zeta Mizar but was easily deafeted.

Nachi along with Ichi have been appointed to commanders over the Sanctuary guards and takes their job seriously. But as the dead Silver Saints starts appearing and they realise their attacks doesn't work so good, they are saved by Jabu.

He, Jabu, Geki, Ban, Ichi, Shaina, Marin and Kiki protected Seika from Thanatos. But they were eventually outwitted, but Seika sensed Seiya in that moment and made Pegasus able to defeat Thanatos with his God Cloth

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Nachi only known technique is the Dead Howling.

Cloth and ConstellationEdit

The Wolf Cloth represents the constellation of the Wolf. The anime version differ from the original by the addition of leg armor.