Specie Umana
Sesso Maschile
Nazionalità Regno Unito
Tipo di Armatura Cloth
Divinità Atena
Luogo di addestramento Scozia
Esercito Esercito di Atena
Divisione Cavalieri d'Argento
Affiliazione Saga/Arles
Costellazione Corvo
Rango Cavaliere d'Argento
Successore Johann

Jamian is one of the antagonists of the series. He is one of the 88 saints of Athena, and one of the 24 Silver Saints. He is protected by the Crow Constelation so he wears the Crow Cloth.


Silver Saint ArcEdit

In the manga Jamian was one of the Silver Saint to meet his defeat at the hands of the Bronze Saints. He was sent along with the Ophicus Saint Shaina, the Auriga Saint Capella, the Cerberus Saint Dante and the Perseus Saint Argol to destroy the Grad colosseumto and kidnap Saori Kido and bring her to the Sanctuary.


Jamian in the manga

Hades ArcEdit

He is revived by Hades as we see his opened tumb empty but he has no phisical appirence.

Power and AbiilitiesEdit

Jamian was trained in Scotland, United Kingdom. He is capable of taming crows and use them as his own limbs. His only known move is the Black Wing Shaf.

Cloth and ConstellationEdit

Jamian's Silver Cloth represents the Crow Constellation a crow that has the mission to bring water to Apollo. The anime version differs a lot from the original it is a very simplified vaersion and has the full leg armor.


He is bald in the Manga