Hyōga de Cisne
(白鳥星座の氷河, Kigunasu no Hyōga)
Italiano Luigi Rosa
Giapponese Kōichi Hashimoto(1986-1990 e 2002-2005) Hiroaki Miura (2005-2008)
Fumiko Inoue (Bambino, Hades)
Specie Umano
Sesso Maschio
Nazionalità Russia
Età 14 anni
Altezza 1,73 m.
Peso 60 kg
Tipo di Armatura Bronze Cloth
Divinità Atena
Maestro Camus dell'Aquario (manga)[1]
Crystal Saint(anime)
Luogo di addestramento Siberia dell'Est
Esercito Esercito di Atena
Divisione Bronze Saint
Affiliazione Saori Kido
Costellazione Cigno
Rango Cavaliere di Bronzo
Padre Mitsumsa Kido (solo manga e romanzo)
Madre Natassia

Hyōga is one of the protagonists of the series. He is one of the 88 saints of Athena, and one of the 52 Bronze Saints. He is protected by the Cygnus Constelation so he wears the Cygnus Cloth.



During his childhood Hyōga was one of the 100 orphans that got into the care of the Graude fundation, owned by Mitsumasa Kido. Unknown to the boy, Mitsumasa was actually his and the other 99 children's father. They trained their bodies to be able to become Saints of Athena. As it was time to travel to their training location to gain the clothes, he picked the ticket to East Siberia in Russia. In the manga his master was Aquarius Camus and in the anime was the Crystal Saint. His master teach him how to use his cosmo and his Diamond Dust . After 6 years he earned the title of Saint although he never recived his Cloth.

Galaxian WarEdit

During the beginning of the Galaxian wars Hyōga recived a letter from the Sanctuary. that letter order him to kill the Saints that used their powers to gain personal benfits. The letter also reveals the secret location of the Cygnus Cloth.With his Cloth he return to Japan and perticipated in the tournament. He easily defeated the Hydra Saint. After he saw the battle between Seiya and Shiryū, he was convinced that the saints were not to fight just for personal benefit. That's why he helped to revive Shiryū. Later the Galaxian War was interrupted by the Saint of Phoenix Ikki, who stole the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius.


  • As stated by Masami Kurumada in interviews, he was going to make Milo Cygnus Hyoga's master. He changed his mind when he realized there could be a relation between the Aquarius and Cygnus constellations, as both Saints had water/ice-based fighting styles. Kurumada indeed wrote and illustrated a few pages of his manga, in which Hyoga and Milo interacted as master and disciple, but he rewrote and redrew them after defining and establishing Aquarius Camus as Hyoga's master. The non-published pages of the manga with Milo as Hyoga's master can be found in the web and in some special publications regarding Saint Seiya.


  1. Inizialmente Kurumada aveva pensato a Milo come maestro di Hyoga, ma poi ripegò su Camus visto un più facile legame fra acqua e ghiaccio