Saga del SantuarioEdit

1. Revive! Legendary hero

2. Burn! Meteor punch of Pegasus

3. Cygnus! Warrior of the ice field

4. Dragon! Unrivaled fist & shield

5. Miracle of rebirth! Friendship of the cosmos

6. Phoenix! Look at Hades, warrior!

7. It is stolen! The gold cloth

8. Win it back! The gold cloth

9. Formidable enemy! The four heavenly knights of darkness manifest

10. Beware Shiryu! The chemistry of cloths

11. Life & death struggle! Terror of the black death fist

12. Catch! Nebula chain of friendship

13. Burn! Flaming Attack

14. Defeated! The illusion demon fist

15. Now it's revealed! The enigma of Ikki

16. A giant! The fierce attack of Docrates

17. Rescue! Saori's crisis

18. Great rage! Ghost saint of the Caribbean

19. Life or death! Bloody battle of the Island of Spirits

20. Desperate battle! Shaina's revenge

21. Passionate misdeed! The Aurora confrontation

22. Rebirth of the flame! Invincible Ikki

23. Silver saint! Vain & boastful assassin

24. Fly Pegasus! Like a comet

25. Fight! The rise of Athena

26. Friend or foe! Steel saints

27. Stone Seiya! Shield of Medusa

28. Dragon! Victory of self-sacrifice

29. Kidnapped! Corvus' army calls unexpectedly on Saori

30. Rising glow! Cosmo light

31. Evil apparitions! Deadline of life or death

32. Great explosion! Death Queen Island

33. Dragon & tiger clash! No light for dragon tears

34. Farewell friend! Rest in peace

35. Desperate journey! Open dragon's eves

36. Amazing! Reality of the twelve gold clothes

37. The mask cries out! Love or death?

38. Clash! Gold saint

39. Speeding light! Master of exceeding force

40. Go! The official departure

41. Great sanctuary battle! Athena's greatest crisis

42. Cosmo's desperate situation! Seven senses

43. Big bang! Battle of Taurus

44. Gemini! Maze of light & dark

45. Panic! Adrift in a different dimension

46. Cry out! Nebula chains fight as one

47. Farewell Hyoga! Sleep, o brave one!

48. Dragon! Revival in the land of death

49. Love! Shunrei's prayer

50. Arise dragon! Shiryu's angry cosmo

51. Why! Fang of the gold lion

52. Ares! The Demon Emperor plots

53. That man! Cassios dies for love

54. Ikki! The phoenix's blazing wings

55. Fellowship of harm! Athena's cry

56. Shaka! Most sacred saint

57. Mu's fear! The open eyes of Shaka

58. Hero! Ikki destroyed for brotherly love

59. Revive swan! Life, death, & love

60. Hyoga's return! At risk of life

61. Surrender or die! Scorpion vs. swan

62. Forge ahead Hyoga! Proud and brave

63. Be heard! Sanctuary's gold cloth

64. Young men! You are worthy of Athena

65. Growling Excalibur! Shura vs. dragon

66. Shiryu! Vanish like a star

67. Farewell! Teacher, friends

68. Warrior of beauty! Aphrodite

69. Demon roses! Fragrance of death

70. Peace! Shun's last smile

71. Fire is going out I the furnace! True face of the Pope

72. Go Seiya! Get over the death of friends

73. Gather, friends! Toward Athena

Saga di AsgardEdit

74. Enemies of the northern frontier! The legendary god warriors

75. Hilda! Goddess imprisoned by evil

76. Giant Thor! Cosmo of hatred

77. Tears of the giant! Die for Hilda

78. Bare the teeth! Northern wolf Fenrir

79. Sorrow! Fate of the northern wolves pack

80. Vanished on the ice field! Howling grief

81. Freya! Death battle due to love

82. Dancing swan! Burning hell inside the ice

83. The bewitching harp! A musical prelude of death tempts Shun

84. Decree of death! String requiem

85. Hero of grief! Frozen hatred

86. Phoenix! Crimson wings ablaze

87. Demon's amethyst! Saint's cemetery

88. Sword of flame! Dreadful ambition

89. Victims of evil! Forest of spirits

90. Don't look back, Seiya! Cosmo of the rising dragon

91. Burn, Shun! Hidden mystery of the black fangs

92. Swirl! Ultimate Shun's nebula storm

93. Bud! The fateful twin stars

94. Bonding brotherhood! Syd, rest in your native land

95. Hero with the noble spirit! Rebirth of the legendary knight

96. Dragon vs. dragon! Chance of victory is one in a hundred thousand

97. Siren! Beautiful melody of death

98. Appearance of a miracle! The Odin robe

99. Athena! Eternal prayers of noble spirits

Saga di PoseidoneEdit

100. The Ocean Emperor Poseidon! Holy war once again

101. Smash! Mammoth pillars of the seven oceans

102. Mysterious shine! Golden bronze clothes

103. Dangerous Shun! Dreadful fangs of the demon beast

104. Death of the demon beast! Indestructible golden chains

105. Excalibur! Shura's soul resides in the right wrist

106. The dream left nothing behind! The reunion has the scent of death

107. Hunter of hearts! Heartless Lymnades

108. Issac! A cold hearted man

109. Hang in there Kiki! A sorrowful death battle

110. Listen! The beautiful singing of Athena

111. Friends! Together at the time of death

112. Two souls! Mystery of Poseidon's resurrection

113. Shoot Poseidon! The golden arrow

114. Shine, stars of friendship! Legend of youth

Saga di HadesEdit

1. The start of a new holy war

2. The three of the lament

3. The shadow of the one who struggles

4. Expiation of the immortal

5. Transient meeting

6. The ancient warrior

7. The herd of black cloaks

8. The moment of vacillation

9. At the end of pride

10. The golden clash

11. Shaking sanctuary

12. The cloth of Athena

13. The morning of the resolution

OVA Hades Chapter - InfernoEdit

1. Cross over! Acheron River

2. The courtroom becomes silent

3. Legendary Saint Orpheus

4. Orpheus, the sad requiem

5. Hades! A surprising possession

6. Fierce fighting! Road to Giudecca

7. Shinbatsu! Greatest eclipse

8. Ikki! The blow of the moan

9. Goddess! Gamble with life

10. Desperation! The wailing wall

11. Assemble! The gold clothes

12. Farewell! Gold Saints

OVA Hades Chapter - ElysionEdit

1. Mortal battle in Elysian 2. Death & sleep gods

3. Gold reinforcements

4. The legendary gold cloths

5. Awakening from myth

6. To the world where light overflows

OVA Saint Seiya: The Lost CanvasEdit

1. Promise

2. Hades' Awakening

3. The Holy War Begins

4. The Flower bracelets Of Prayer

5. Poison Roses

6. Flower's Funeral Procession

Saint Seiya moviesEdit

1. Saint Seiya: Gekijoban (a.k.a. Saint Seiya: The Legend of the Golden Apple) or Saint Seiya: Jashin Eris (a.k.a. Saint Seiya: Evil Goddess Eris)Originally released in 1987

2. Saint Seiya: Kamigami no Atsuki Tatakai (a.k.a. Saint Seiya: Heated battle of the gods) Originally released in 1988

3. Saint Seiya: Shinku no Shounen Densetsu (a.k.a. Saint Seiya: The legend of the crimson boy) Originally released in 1988

4. Saint Seiya: Saishuu Seisen no Senshi Tachi (a.k.a. Saint Seiya: Warriors of the final holy war) Originally released in 1989

5. Saint Seiya Tenkai-hen: Overture (a.k.a. Saint Seiya: The Heaven chapter ~overture~)Originally released in 2004