Ursa-Major Geki is a minor character of the series. He is one of the 88 saints of Athena, and one of the 52 Bronze Saints. He is protected by the bear constellation, so he wears the bear cloth.



During his childhood Geki was one of the 100 orphans that got into the care of the Graude fundation, owned by Mitsumasa Kido. Unknown to the boy, Mitsumasa was actually his and the other 99 children's father. They trained their bodies to be able to become Saints of Athena. As it was time to travel to their training location to gain the clothes, he picked the ticket to the Rocky Mountains in Canada . It was a rough training in which he strangle many bear just with his hands. After 6 years he earned the Bear Bronze Cloth.


Geki as it is shown in the Manga

Galaxian WarEdit

He returns to Japan to participate in the Galaxian War tournament. His first battle was against the Pegasus Saint, Seiya. During the battle Geki sames to be winning thanks to his tecnic Hanging Bear, but he never realised that Siya was using his cosmo to break the protection of his arms, and when they were broken Seiya could get out of the Hanging bar and hit Geki whit a finishing kick. After his deafet Geki asks Athena to let him go back to Rocky Mountain to train.

Other ApperienceEdit

He returned in the battle of the 12 houses to protect Athena. When Seiya reached The Saint of Geminis, Saga, Geki sent his cosmo to the Pegasus Saint to help. It proved to some extent successful, and Seiya eventually was able to save Athena.

He reapered with Ban to help Jabu, Ichi, Nachi, Shaina, Marin and Kiki to protect Seika from Thantalos. But they were eventually outwitted, but Seika sensed Seiya in that moment and made Pegasus able to defeat Thanatos with his God Cloth

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Geki main power is focused on his arms in which he has an incredible strenght. His only known technique is the Hanging Bear.

Cloth and ConstellationEdit

The Bear Cloth represents the constellation Ursa Major, and is depicted as the Bear in which Callisto was turned into. The anime version doesn't differ from the original, except for the addition of leg armor and the shoulder pads are placed horizontally.